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Most nursing homes would recoup the higher tax payments through reimbursements for their Medicaid patients.It would levy a 16.5-cents increase on each pack, producing about $60 million.The court fee bill, a scaled-back version of what Riley proposed, would generate about $24 million annually by raising a variety of charges for going to court.For instance, the cost of a contested divorce would go from $140 to $248. Riley’s version would have boosted the cost to $348.

The governor’s floor leader, Rep. Mike Hubbard, R-Auburn, said he expects strong Republican opposition — even to the governor’s proposals — because the Legislature has killed most of Riley’s “government accountability” proposals, such as requiring new public employees to work 30 years instead of 25 years before drawing full retirement benefits.Without accountability measures coming first, as the governor sought, most Republicans will vote against any tax or fee proposal, Hubbard said.Hubbard is sponsoring the legislation to raise the tax on nursing homes, but he said, “I’m not real optimistic about it.”

The Decatur area could get a postcard from Old Man Winter today, but it won’t be anything to worry about before spring returns by the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.He said Decatur could get some rain mixed with snow this afternoon and tonight, but no measurable accumulation as temperatures bottom out in the upper 30s before rebounding into the 70s by Friday.”I tried to find someone else to run against Mr. Cobb, but then I thought, ‘Why not me?’ ” said Posey-Hackett, whose husband died two years ago.

I need to get back into something where I can make a difference.Work to prevent any loss of benefits for teachers and support personnel.Work to find classes with large pupil-teacher ratios, Land Valuation and correct the problem.Posey-Hackett has two children, Nicole Posey, a teacher at Priceville High School, and Vickie McMurray, a Boeing Co., employee, and two grandchildren.Betty Posey-Hackett wants to put her experience as a former federal employee to use on the Morgan County Board of Education.

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The 21-mile Southern Bypass project between Decatur and Hartselle is considered the long-term solution to congestion on Beltline Road. It is slated to cost about $145 million and take at least five years to construct. It will tie in Alabama 20 near Trinity and Alabama 67 and Interstate 65 between Priceville and Somerville. Mancuso supports the idea, saying the bond money could do a lot for Decatur. Free property valuation could help not only for this project (Beltline Road) but for future projects to widen and expand some other roads in the area,” he said.

The county tax earmarked for Decatur schools grew by only 1 percent, or $24,680, this year. An additional $94,423 in growth for Decatur schools is coming from 12. 6 mills in property taxes earmarked by the city for schools. Hartselle schools will receive 5 percent, or $34,643, more this year. In addition, all three school systems will split two countywide school taxes that increased by $522,344 or 10 percent.

The amount given to each school system will be determined by the state Department Education based on enrollment and attendance. Overall, the county expects to collect $35. 4 million in property taxes this year, compared to $33. 2 million in 1999, for a 7 percent increase.

Collections began Monday and will continue through Dec. 31, according to Revenue Commissioner Amanda Scott. The main reason for the increase in money for schools is new industries that located here that may be exempt from certain taxes for a period, but have to pay school taxes, Mrs. Scott said. These include Boeing Co. , Trico Steel Co. , Worthington Steel and others. New residential property also is responsible for some of the increase, Mrs. Scott said. About 86 percent of the revenue will stay in the county, Mrs. Scott said. The County Commission’s General Fund will receive $144,337 more, and the city of Hartselle will receive $13,064 more.

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home-bannerThe Limestone County Sheriff’s Department and Huntsville-Madison County’s drug unit collaborated and had an undercover officer allegedly buy drugs from Cecil Kessinger, 18, of Athens and Timothy Winters, 19, of Athens, the sheriff said.On Wednesday night and Thursday morning, officers arrested the pair for distribution of a controlled substance, which led to the arrests of four other Valuations QLD  drug dealers, Blakely said.”They took us to their supplier,” the sheriff said, “and we got a search warrant for his place and found drugs and a .357 magnum there.”

Kessinger, with $5,000 bond, and Winters, with $10,000 bond, were still in Limestone County Jail this morning.They arrested David C. Bolton, 22, of Elkmont and charged him with distribution of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substance, he said.”We’ve been trying to catch Bolton for over a year,” Blakely said, “and he led us to his supplier.”Authorities got a search warrant for the Ripley Road home of John Wesley Troop, 23, of Athens, and found six pounds of marijuana, 1/4 ounce of cocaine, a shotgun and pistol, Blakely said.

They also charged his father, John Wesley Harris, 44, of Athens with possession of marijuana and his cousin, Kenneth “Fish” Troop, 23, of Athens with trafficking marijuana, said Blakely.The three were released on bond. The bonds for John Wesley Troop and Kenneth Troop are $50,000 each.A proposed constitutional amendment to expand electronic bingo games with unlimited prizes to all four of the state’s greyhound race tracks is being changed to help solve the Medicaid funding crisis.

The sponsors of the measure said Thursday that they are going to try to change the bill on the House floor so that tax revenue will not only provide money for public school textbooks, but also to Medicaid, which is expected to have an about $180 million funding deficit.The House sponsor, Rep. Yvonne Kennedy, D-Mobile, said at a news conference Thursday that the electronic bingo games would generate about $48 million a year for Medicaid and the same amount for textbooks.

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The job, which belonged to Ray Nixon before he retired last year, pays $55,000 to $85,000 annually. The city got through its 2004 budget process with only a finance supervisor, Penny Smith, before Smith left last year for another job. Councilman Billy Jackson has opposed hiring a CFO, noting that the city went through an annual budget process and a bond issue with only a finance supervisor. “We have functioned and functioned fairly well without a CFO,” Jackson said.


It will add $100,000 to the budget. It’s not something we have to have. The property valuer Lawrence County school board needs $50,000 to correct fire code violations and another $100,000 for repairs that would insulate the building. A lack of repair money may close the Lawrence County Coliseum. Rutherford said the school system is spending $41,000 a year for utilities.

The repair amount doesn’t include the cost of installing bleachers at the south end of the building. That is where spectators who attend the Lawrence County basketball tournament stand when seats are taken. Rutherford said the fire marshal no longer will allow the practice. “I don’t have a lot of hope (that we’ll find the money),” Rutherford said Monday night.

Our inaction is going to constitute an act of closing the coliseum. Rutherford said that he’s contacted the area’s legislative delegation and that its members are trying to find money for the repairs. But he said that the state has trimmed discretionary pork funds, which he said may make funding the repairs difficult. Rutherford said he’s spoken to some of the Lawrence County commissioners about funding, and will attend the Monday meeting to talk to them as a body. During the March 8 school board meeting, Rutherford said that costs to repair code violations and heating and cooling problems could be about $250,000. In addition to the lack of seating, there are not enough exits and there is no fire alarm system.

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Limestone investigators have not interviewed Moore yet and don’t know his whereabouts before the Florida arrest.He is in the Limestone County Jail without bond, charged with attempted murder, first-degree robbery, first-degree theft and probation violation for first-degree theft.Beef sydney property valuer cattle prices at Decatur’s Valley Stockyard dropped in the first sale since reports of mad cow disease came out before Christmas, but some cattlemen didn’t appear too worried.I’ve seen these ups and downs for 44 years, and cattle (prices) never stay extremely high very long, said Manuel Smith of , who sold 18 calves Thursday.

The mad cow report, the first in an international ban on beef exports or about 10 percent of annual beef industry feared that 10 percent loss would bring domestic supply ahead of demand and cause prices to drop from the record highs this fall.With prices high in recent months, Smith said he expected a break in the market even without the report of a cow in Washington state getting infected.I don’t think the mad cow had all that much to do with it, he said.Smith and other cattlemen said they never like to see prices drop, but because prices were high, they could withstand this week’s drop.

Prices for feeder calves, the backbone of Alabama beef farmers, were down between $28 and $35 for calves at 350 pounds to between $40 and $50 for calves at 500 pounds.Cows ready for slaughter, which are mostly unproductive mother cows that will be used for hamburger meat, were down between $24 and $40 for 800 pounders to between $39 and $65 for 1,300 pounders.

The cows ready for slaughter didn’t drop as much because demand is relatively unchanged, said Stud Aarom, a buyer for a beef producer in Bowling Green, Ky.The price for feeder calves, which will be ready for slaughter in six or seven months, generally fell in line with prices traded on the futures market in Chicago.Aarom said Thursday’s sale doesn’t give a true measure of how mad cow might have affected beef prices because the turnout of farmers was so low.